Used bike repair and rehab

Would rather get your feet wet in triathlon before making that big bike purchase?

We can help you find a great used bike on the local secondary market and get it ready for you to race on. Armin can dynamically measure you to determine the proper frame size to get you started on your search. When you think you have found the right bike he will happily check it out mechanically and for fit prior to your purchase. 

Prices for used racing bike rehab depends on the parts required and the time needed to get the bike in racing order but it will almost always be much less of an investment than a brand new bike.

Give Armin a call and he will be more than happy to get you a quote on what you have in mind. 


Diagnostic Testing

Often coaches will rely on biometric testing as a metric of fitness. Whether your coach is local or remote we can do all your lactate threshold testing and send them the results directly.  We do both single and series lactate testing. A single is perfect as a baseline for a new athlete, other tests can be done later as a gauge of building fitness. A series is perfect for those established athletes who are looking for more information on their training effectiveness during the build up to their big race.

Single  Lactate Threshold Test
A one time lactate testing appointment lasts about 60 minutes. This is the perfect diagnostic for new athletes that will be working with a coach who wants a baseline from which to set the athletes training zones. Future tests can be done when your coach requests them. 

Lactate Threshold Series
A series of four lactate diagnostic tests at regular intervals to determine improvement of fitness level. A series is suggested for use in the 6 months before your big race. This includes baseline, 4 months from race, 2 months from race and 2 weeks before your race.

Athlete Coaching

The athlete coaching roster is open for the 2017 season.  Armin will be taking on a limited number of new athletes while getting ready for his first 70.3 World Championship this September and 140.6 Louisville in October.

Bike Fitting

Being on a bike for 3-8 hours in an aerodynamic position requires a healthy marriage of body and bike, so proper bike fit is of the utmost importance. When a triathlon or road bike is properly fit to an athlete's body fatigue is greatly mitigated. Armin's biggest concern is always keeping his athletes healthy and comfortable on the bike. In November of 2014, he attended Fit Institute Slowtwitch (F. I.S.T), founded and run by Dan Empfield, the inventor of the modern triathlon geometry, and earned his bike fitting certification.

Static fittings start at $150 and go up depending on the intricacy of the fit and parts needed to fit the bike properly to the athlete. LCM's bike fitting is a complete fit from the cleat and pedal interface all the way up to saddle and stem adjustment and saddle selection. 

Are you looking to buy a new bike? We can do all your dynamic body measurements and determine the proper frame size and geometry that is best for your body prior to you buying your bike. As a truly independent bike fitter Armin has no affiliation with any one bike manufacturer but instead has purchasing relationships with representative shops for all the big names in cycling. The key is finding the right geometry and fit first and then survey all the bikes presently available on the market that fall within those parameters.

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Mobile and Static triathlon and road bike repair and service

‚ÄčAre you getting ready for an Ironman 140.6, a 70.3 or your first sprint and want to make sure your bike is in tip-top tune for your big day?

Armin is a professional bike mechanic and experienced with all performance bike products, both mechanical and electronic. So whether you want a minor pre-race tune-up, a full re-cabling, or a set of clip on aero bars installed and fitted, you can be confident that he will get you out on the road and ready to race your best race without having to worry about your bike.