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Low Country Multisport LLC is the brainchild of Armin Wahl.

Armin is a nationally and internationally ranked multi-sport athlete competing since 2009. He was most recently ranked by WTC Ironman at 66th in the world, 16th in the US in his age group and is a Gold All-World Athlete (top 1% of all IM athletes). He is also a 2014 USAT All-American.

As a member of the United States Marine Corps for 21 years, Armin understands the dedication and discipline it takes to perform at high levels physically for long periods of time. He also knows that trial and error training can be costly in time, performance and physical health.

Armin's approach to training triathletes, cyclists and runners is based on scientific methods actually proven to keep athletes healthy and improve performance. It does not matter if you are trying to PR your 5K time or get ready for an IM 70.3 or even a 140.6, Armin wants you to be successful in your efforts no matter your distance.

He does not depend on generic or mass-marketed plug and play coaching platforms to train his athletes. Armin knows that every athlete is different and no one formula works for everyone so the goal is to tailor the training plan to each athlete specifically as their fitness improves. This means constantly changing the path of each athletes training plan to keep challenging their current fitness level.

Using Training Peaks to publish weekly training plans, and using fitness tests at regular intervals Armin determines the training plan 
of each athlete dependent on their present fitness, time available to train and their future goals.

Armin is also an educated and experienced bike mechanic who works only on high performance road and triathlon bikes. He has extensive experience with all Shimano and SRAM products both mechanical and electronic. 

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